Typical Portuguese Women

Typical Portuguese Women | Let’s BUST this ONE MYTH!

Olá! Mia here! I have read some comments about Portuguese people, and Portuguese women in particular, and that got me thinking: Am I a typical Portuguese person? Am I a typical Portuguese woman?

So, I compiled a list of things that are supposedly typical of a Portuguese person and of Portuguese women (stereotype alert!) to check if I am a typical Portuguese or not. 

Stay with me to the end of the article, because I will bust a big myth about Portuguese women at the end!

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Am I a typical Portuguese woman?

So, here is the list:

1. Portuguese women are very curvy.

Ok, I do like to think that I have some curves. But I am definitely NOT SUPER curvy. I actually used to be very skinny, but with age I got a bit more curvy, but not SUPER DUPER curvy. So, I guess I have to say that is a NO.

2. Portuguese women have dark hair.

Well, this is a yes for me. I do have dark hair (although now I have a lot of greys haha… shhh).

3. Portuguese women have tanned skin.

My skin is NOT very tanned. I do get tanned, though, if I go to the beach in summer. So, although I am white-ish in winter, I do tan.

4. Portuguese women are short.

This is a big fat NO for me. I am not short at all. My height is around 1,77m and I was always very tall compared to my friends. When I was younger, that even bothered me a little. That’s why I was very happy when I went to Estonia and The Netherlands, for example, because there the women are taller in general.

5. Portuguese women have long eyelashes.

That is a YES for me. My whole family has big eyelashes. It is a family trait!

6. Portuguese women are usually married by the age 26.

Hmm… nope! I am not married yet!

7. Portuguese women are renowned for their culinary skills and they love to try the different dishes and cuisines at home.

Haha… no, I am not renowned for my culinary skills. Although I do cook, I actually do NOT love cooking. I get by…

8. Portuguese women are tough.

I have to agree with this one. I do think in some way I am a tough girl, but I also like some cuddles.

9. Portuguese women like to eat.

Yes, I suppose I do like to eat. However, I am not obsessed with it. But if you give me a nice dish – I prefer savoury than sweet actually – I will eat it gladly.

10. Portuguese women are good drivers.

I have to say I am a good driver! I love driving and I love the freedom that having a driver’s license gave me! I do try to avoid going with the car too often, for environmentally reasons (I think, I THINK, we should all be doing that!), but I do like driving.

11. Portuguese women talk about their feelings with ease.

Yes! I do! I love talking about my feelings and the other person’s feelings. It just makes me feel connected to the other person.

Now these next three next facts, are more about Portuguese people in general, not necessarily only about Portuguese women. But I still wanted to see if I relate.

12. Portuguese love to drink coffee.

Well, I don’t love it. I do like it, though, now and then, but I don’t drink coffee every day and I am surely not addicted to it!

13. Portuguese like to drink wine.

This is a NO for me. I would have liked to like to drink a glass of red wine now and then, but the fact is I don’t. Therefore, I very rarely drink wine. I do like Sangria, though. Does that count? I guess not…

14. Portuguese people love their country.

Yes. I do love my country! I can see its flaws, and I do complain about those flaws, but I do love Portugal. By the way, do you already know the Portuguese national anthem?

So, what do you think? Do I qualify as a typical Portuguese woman? Let me know in the comments below what you think!

These are of course, just some stereotypes taken out of the internet, but If you come to Portugal, you will see that there is a variety of people, with a variety of features and traits of character.

Nevertheless, it was fun to discover what the world is saying about us and I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as well!


15. Portuguese women all have moustaches!

NO, that is NOT true. We do have dark hair and now and then someone might have some hair-ish upper lip, but in general women do not have moustaches in Portugal!

I am glad we could get that sorted out!

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this article.



15 thoughts on “Typical Portuguese Women | Let’s BUST this ONE MYTH!

  1. I’m Portuguese and on in my 50s but never had a mustache. I believe women of every race can have mustaches that need to be waxed so don’t know where this stereotype came from.

    1. Olá, that’s true 🙂

  2. I am male and American, but I understand the complexities of looks. On one side of my family, I’m Irish and Italian, and the other side is Native (Apache, Comanche, and Iroquois). I have more of a tannish color, but not a lot. I enjoyed your article, especially your humor. I’ve never been to Portugal but have met some Portuguese women in the US. I liked them due to a slightly darker skin, good personalities, seemed to enjoy laughing a lot, and their dark hair. I think everyone should embrace their country as well as their nationalities. I’m proud of being all the nationalities mentioned above. Your film clip is excellent, and your personality comes through. I bet you are an excellent teacher. I taught mathematics for about 9 years, then decided to work in the business world. And my last word is “no woman is like another woman, each of you are very unique and that makes it a more interesting world.”

    1. Olá! Thank you for your comment 🙂 That’s very true!

  3. Thank you Mia, for creating this article and providing a platform for us all!

    1. You’re welcome! Glad you like it!

  4. I am only half Portuguese but yes we do have mustaches, the trick.is , it doesn’t always show until middle age , my sister had hers at 13 my mother got hers in middle age and so did I by 48 I had a full mustache if I don’t remove it !

    1. Yes, maybe you are right that some people (and Portuguese people specifically) have a bit of a mustache. I am just saying that we can’t really overgeneralize and also when we say “a mustache” it’s not really a full-blown mustache, like a man’s, but rather a little bit of hair on the upper lip.
      I don’t know, that’s my experience 🙂

      1. I have a very thick mustache and full beard and I’m mostly Scottish. 😂

  5. Love this ! As a Portuguese woman I often look racially ambiguous and often asked if I’m Italian , Armenian , Greek or Arab. I have strong personality, love coffee and can whip up a meal with my eyes closed.
    But at the end of the day – I’m very proud to be Portuguese and wouldn’t change it for anything .
    To know us , is a privilege!!!

    1. Olá, Susana! I am glad you identified with some of those things and that you enjoyed the article. I do think it is cool to be a Portuguese hehe! Thank you for your comment 🙂 Beijinhos, Mia

    2. I’m portuguese as well and have people telling me i look the same ethnicities I am not proud at all. I feel like a loser misfit with no identity

    3. I am surprised and excited about the large responding answer of yes to each of these questions for me. Except for the liking wine, but then my answer mirrors the original posts answer. I do wish I could enjoy a glass of wine, I like the idea of it but not so much the taste of it. I could provide detail on each item being “so me” but I digress haha
      I also mirror the cultural ambiguity of race identification, myself being 3rd generation Portuguese.
      Here’s to all of us Portuguese women! Steroypte fitting or not!

      1. Olá Isabella! That’s so great that you enjoyed this article 🙂 I am glad that I could help you see that your Portuguese genes are present there!
        Hope you continue enjoying my articles and videos.
        Beijinhos e Boas Festas.

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