Portugal in the Olympics | Has Portugal even won ANY medals?

Today I decided to talk to you about the performance of Portugal in the Olympics.

As a small country, Portugal does not have tens or hundreds of Olympic medals. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t won any!

In fact, we have won twenty-eight medals in total since the beginning of Portugal’s participation in the Games.

Some bronze, some silver, and even some gold medals!

At the latest Tokyo Olympics, we won 4 medals, and this was our best performance ever!

But who were the athletes who won the podium?

Let’s check it?

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Portugal in the Olympics – 1920-1960

From 1924 to 1960, we won 5 bronze and 2 silver medals. The categories in which we won were equestrian, fencing and sailing.

As it happened a long time ago, I won’t go on about it too long. However, these medals were important for Portugal and made us believe that we could go further (at least, that’s what I think!).


In 1976, in Montreal, we also won two silver medals. One was won by Armando Marques in the Shooting category: Mixed Trap and the other by Carlos Lopes, with the Men’s 10,000 meter in Athletics.

It was here that Portugal’s long history of Athletics began.

Portugal in the Olympics
Armando Marques
Portugal in the Olympics
Carlos Lopes


In Los Angeles ’84, Carlos Lopes again wins a medal in Athletics. However, this time the competition is the Marathon and the medal is Gold.

Also in Athletics, António Leitão wins the bronze medal in the 5000 meters.

Portugal in the Olympics
António Leitão

And Portugal achieves an important feat: the first Portuguese woman wins a medal. Her name is Rosa Mota. She also wins the bronze medal with the Marathon.

Portugal in the Olympics
Rosa Mota

SEOUL 1988

But Rosa Mota doesn’t stop there!

In Seoul, in 1988, the athlete again wins a medal with the Marathon. This time, however, she manages to take the first place and wins the Gold medal.


Moving forward another four years, in Atlanta 1996, Portugal is once again shining in Athletics.

Fernanda Ribeiro wins the Gold medal in the 10000 meters.

Portugal in the Olympics
Fernanda Ribeiro

Vitor Hugo Rocha and Nuno Barreto also won the bronze medal in Sailing: Class 470.

Portugal in the Olympics
Vitor Hugo Rocha and Nuno Barreto

SYDNEY, 2000

Already in 2000, in Sydney, Portugal has a surprise. Nuno Delgado wins a bronze medal in Judo. Here also begins a tradition of medals for judokas.

Portugal in the Olympics
Nuno Delgado

That year, we also continued to be successful in Athletics, with Fernanda Ribeiro winning bronze in the 10,000 meters.


In Athens, 2004, we have Francis Obikwelu winning silver in the 100 meters in Athletics, and Rui Silva winning bronze in the 1500 meters.

Portugal in the Olympics
Francis Obikwelu
Portugal in the Olympics
Rui Silva

In addition, Sérgio Paulinho wins the silver medal, but in Cycling: Men’s road race.

Portugal in the Olympics
Sérgio Paulinho


Continuing on to Beijing in 2008, we have Vanessa Fernandes winning the silver medal in the Women’s Triathlon.

Portugal in the Olympics
Vanessa Fernandes

Nélson Évora wins gold in the triple jump.

Portugal in the Olympics
Nélson Évora


In London 2012, Portugal receives a medal in Canoeing. Emanuel Silva and Fernando Pimenta win silver!

Portugal in the Olympics
Emanuel Silva and Fernando Pimenta


In Rio de Janeiro, in 2016, Telma Monteiro brings home the Bronze. She wins third place in the under 57 kg event in Judo.

Portugal in the Olympics
Telma Monteiro

TOKYO 2020

Finally, reaching Tokyo 2020 (which actually happened now in July 2021), Portugal was at its best, winning two bronze medals, one silver and one gold.

One of the bronze medals was received by Jorge Fonseca, in Judo: under one hundred kilos category.

Portugal in the Olympics
Jorge Fonseca

The other was conquered by Fernando Pimenta in Canoeing: Men’s K1 1000 meters.

Portugal in the Olympics
Fernando Pimenta

Then, Patrícia Mamona won the silver medal in Athletics, in the triple jump event.

Portugal in the Olympics
Patrícia Mamona

Finally, Pedro Pablo Pichardo won the gold medal also in Athletics, and also in the triple jump event!

Portugal in the Olympics
Pedro Pablo Pichardo

Portugal in the Olympics – Conclusion

As you can see, Portugal is a small country, but with good athletes! This beautiful country has stood out, above all, in Athletics, but there are still other categories in which we are good too.

Personally, I am proud to know that we have won all these medals.

Did you know any of these athletes? Do you like to watch the Olympic Games?

And by the way, how many medals has your country won? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this article!



2 thoughts on “Portugal in the Olympics | Has Portugal even won ANY medals?

  1. Obrigado Mia, muito intressante!

    Parabens Portugal!

    Suécia é meu pais, que tambem é um pais pequeno como Portugal com dez milhões de habitantes.
    Nos ganhamos nove medalhas: tres de ouro e seis de prata. Dois ouros em atletismo e um o equestre. A pratas em futebol (mulheres), velas, atletismo, natacao e equestre.


    1. Obrigada pelo teu comentário e apoio, Niclas! E parabéns à Suécia pela sua boa prestação!

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