I am so delighted that I have found your program for European Portuguese. I am from South Africa, living in North Wales, and my dream is to retire in Portugal. I would like to take this opportunity and say “You are fabulous”!  You explain the course material in a very clear and understandable manner. And there is your lovely personality too!  Thank you SO very much. The way you have set up the presentation sequence also makes learning so much easier. I have gone through the course once.  I have started from the beginning, making notes as I go and I stop until I understand. I am trying to learn and retain the alphabet. I have also looked at YouTube, Instagram and FaceBook.  You are doing so many interesting things that I can’t wait to get to the next level. Thank you once again for being the amazing teacher you are and most wonderful person too. Blessings, René.

René M.
Antonio B
I enrolled in the A1+A2 bundle in October 2019 and I am truly enjoying the lessons.  I have been trying to learn European Portuguese since 2012. I went for basic classes, have a collection of books/pdfs, online materials, etc. However, I was still stuck forever at the basic level. Since I dont have anyone to converse in Portuguese, I tend to forget what I absorbed as I get busy with work/family and then need to revise my stuff again. Mia has structured the lessons well and its fun learning along with her. If I have any doubts, I send her an email and she replies with the explanations. Excited to complete both levels soon and then move to the B1 and B2 level. Coming across this website was a blessing. Mia’s teaching approach is different and I hope this time I will reach a level of fluency where I can speak freely in Portuguese.
Thanks for the great job you are doing. God bless you always!
Antonio B.
Margaret P

I live in Plymouth UK where Portuguese courses are not available. I was looking for a European Portuguese online course which is not very easy to find and by chance I found Mia’s course. Since then, I bought all her courses because I enjoyed them very much. They are easy to follow, Mia explains all clearly, in a relaxed way. She also will answer to any questions or inquiries sent to her via email. I also found the pdf notes very helpful, because I use them when away from the computer. I highly recommend this online course.

Margaret P.
Tony C

I finished the “Master Course – A1 Level” several days ago and wanted to tell you that I found the course to be a great refresher of Portuguese I’ve heard in my childhood. I think your course is really comprehensive and offers the student a great way to study the basics of European Portuguese. In order to learn a language, a person must first learn the grammar, vocabulary, verbs and verb tenses and sentence structure. Your course goes into all of that and then even more. I found the course to be well worth my time and I look forward to taking the next level course to build upon what I have already learned.

Tony C.
Bret B

Olá Mia,
I was impressed with your course “Kickstart Your Portuguese – The Basics” enough so that I purchased your Master Course – A1 level. First let me explain the difficulties I’ve had learning European Portuguese:
I did a scouting expedition to Portugal in 2019 to decide if I wanted to move there as a retiree. In preparation, I studied Portuguese using Duolingo which was a mistake since it is Brazilian Portuguese. I then did some online research and found several sources that had good recommendations: Drops, Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, and your course. An online course isn’t feasible since my home is 7 hours behind Lisbon. Drops was just flashcards and both Pimsleur and Thomas were both oral and I’m a visual person (telling me that maça is apple and maca is stretcher doesn’t help me learn to spell the words). Your Kickstarter Course shows the words that you are saying and provides an end of lesson quiz which is what works best for me. An added bonus is that if I have questions on Portuguese, then I can email you for an answer. One thing I loved about the Kickstarter program is that your lectures are broken into 15 to 30 minute courses which is easier for me to consume than one two hour course.

Bret B.
Alex B
I have just completed the A2 Level of Mia’s European Portuguese Master Course, and I wanted to say thank you so much for the time and effort of putting this fantastic course together.
For years I have tried other sources and subscription services to help me improve my Portuguese; while these other sources are helpful at building familiarity with the language and improving vocabulary, nothing comes close to the dramatic improvement in my understanding of the grammatical rules that Mia’s A2 course has given me.
Having completed the A2 course, I feel much more confident in my ability to conjugate verbs more accurately, build better sentences, and translate/understand Portuguese more fully in the future. It has given me a great foundation to build a stronger understanding of the European Portuguese.
I look forward to the more advanced courses!
Muito Obrigado.
Alex B.
Diane N

After returning from a trip to Portugal and wanting to learn the language for a future move there, we signed up for Mia’s Free Kickstarter Course. We saw the potential and purchased the A1-A2 Beginner Master Course (and since have subscribed to her new Story Time). We are still on the A1 Course and can say that we have learned quite a bit in just the first few lectures. Each lecture is different, focusing on various aspects of the language, (structure, grammar, pronunciation). There are also quizzes at the end of each lecture which are fun and very helpful. Her Story Time is enjoyable and I believe a great addition to the Courses. It gets you to really listen closely, learn sentence structure and comprehend how the language is spoken. In addition, her Blog contains a lot of essential supplementary learning information & materials that are most definitely helpful. Mia is such a cheery, funny and skilled teacher, you cannot help but learn from her! She also encourages you to contact her with questions and you will get a quick response. We intend to continue with her B1-B2 Intermediate Course when the time comes. We highly recommend Mia’s Learn European Portuguese Online courses to anybody who wants to learn European Portuguese, whatever the incentive is. We are thoroughly enjoying learning Portuguese with Mia! – Obrigado/a Mia!! – Ludger & Diane N.

Ludger & Diane N.
Testimonials - Nigel

Olá Mia,

I’m just writing to say thank you for the new Story Time program.

This is the first of your programs that I have joined, after seeing it on your Instagram.
I have enjoyed the story of “os quatro amigos”, and am committing to the rest of the course, and look forward to story developing!
I am happy that you only release one story per week. As a self learner, I find that I have little discipline to stay on a section, and not move on too quickly. The inability to move on, means that I actually get to benefit from the repetition, which, to be honest, can feel quite ‘boring’, but having stuck with the story and listened to both parts A and B many times, and really focused on the words (and pronunciation) I can now understand how much benefit the repetition has. Usually I would have moved on thinking that I had ‘learned’ it, when actually I haven’t learned it properly. So this is definitely a good technique.
I have been self learning and also having weekly lessons through Preply for about 7 months now. I think I’m an A2, hopefully approaching B1 soon. It’s clear that my reading is much better than my listening and speaking (and I don’t get much chance to speak Portuguese), so this program really appealed to me, and it feels that it’s at just the right level – I could understand enough, but also had to look things up and check on some grammar – so it’s accessible but also pushing me. Hopefully this course will help me build confidence in my speaking, as it’s clear that I know the words, but haven’t developed the pathways in my brain to have the confidence to speak, and also still struggle with natural speed listening.
Fingers crossed!
Thanks for your interest and commitment. So no real questions, I just wanted you to know that it’s going well so far, and that I feel that it will be great value for money to keep following the program.
Muito obrigado,
Allan S

I have to admit that your Portuguese Kickstarter Course was highly informative in its own capacity and I was able to learn useful concepts about Portuguese. In addition, with your Portuguese Master Course that I am currently doing, I believe I will be able to finally master European Portuguese after searching for study materials for so long. Once again thank you and have a nice day.

Allan S.
Paul B
What I like about the course is that I can review and go over the video as I choose. Even in the Kickstarter course there is a lot to try an understand and it is very daunting. I do believe that I will have to go over the course a few times to really make it stick.
I am a little older then most so trying to remember the words can be challenging. One of your tips is a definite must for me and that is word association with a story, believe me, I have many weird stories associated with words in my mind (a snail leaning against a lamp post – thats “lento” for “slow”). In the same vain I find that picture association helps and physical interaction, so I am also using the apps ‘Drops’ and ‘Memrise’. So for me personally, I do need a variety of learning tools to keep my interest as just watching a video doesn’t keep me focused. I do however appreciate that your videos are a must to get the foundations understood and no doubt the cement to hold it all together as I learn more.
Paul B.
Ian C
The Kickstarter course has given me a good introduction to some of the basics. The videos are very engaging and there are plenty of helpful learning hints. I have already set up some flashcards using Anki, and after an initial run through I am slowly going back over Kickstarter to make sure I understand pronunciation before I try to commit words and phrases to memory. If there are bits missing from Kickstarter it only makes me want to go and find and fill in the gaps, such as some of the higher values in counting i.e. sixty, seventy and so on.
Ian C.
Peter W

Thank you for providing Kickstart Your Portuguese – The Basics, and also the European Portuguese Crash Course. I’m nearly halfway through the latter. They have helped me to understand the basics of how the language works, and to start to make sense of the sound of Portuguese. Until now, whenever I heard spoken Portuguese, it sounded very strange. In particular, the SH and J sounded East European rather than Mediterranean to my ears. And, what I think is the R sound, reminded me of a Dutch “g” or “ch”. I am certainly one of your older students. My daughter has settled in Estoril, and she had a daughter – my first grandchild – just before Christmas. Unfortunately, because of the present travel restrictions, I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet my granddaughter. (The UK’s sad departure from the EU makes me feel even further from my daughter and her family at this time.) I suppose it gives me some more time to learn Portuguese before I am able to visit. You are right about the importance of learning the sounds used in a language. Many thanks!

Peter W.
Mia Esmeriz has been by far, the BEST language instruction I have found, when looking for help learning Portuguese. Whether you are looking to learn a new language while in COVID quarantine, or to learn basics for an upcoming visit to Portugal, or even relocation purposes, you will not be disappointed with Mia Esmeriz Academy. As a self-learner of many languages, ranging from French, Spanish, Turkish, German and now Portuguese, Mia’s approach brings much more than any book purchase can do. Her videos, with lectures you can download, allows self-paced learning. I feel as though being able to stop, pause, rewind, and take notes brings so much to the lesson. I started with purchasing the A1-A2 bundle, and after I was barely through the first few lectures, I quickly realized the incredible value in her pricing and content… so I purchased the B1-B2 bundle! Although I’m currently in A2 level, each of Mia’s lectures close with testing your knowledge, and encouraging the students to post their own applied learning with sentences, phrases, stories, etc. One thing that I personally love about Mia, is that she isn’t the instructor that will let you get by with errors, but rather will correct your mistakes, and encourage you on your learning path. She offers email support and enthusiastically cheers you on, explaining, providing examples and tips on how to improve your learning. Mia truly has a beautiful personality, and her knowledge and expertise in teaching shines through from her core. She wants you to do well, and is there to assist every step of the way. You couldn’t ask for a more passionate and dedicated instructor.
Muitíssimo obrigada, Mia!!
Jamie D
I signed up for Mia’s course a few days ago. Prior to the pandemic arriving, my husband Shawn and I were planning to visit Portugal to celebrate his 50th birthday. We wanted to stay a couple of months. That trip has been postponed but is still planned for later this year, we hope! Anyway, I had been studying Portuguese via a book on European Portuguese that seems good but is beyond my skill set right now. I was/am also using Duolingo for Portuguese, but it is Brazilian and so the pronunciations are very different. We listen to Antenna 2 every evening and when the speaking comes on I struggle to make heads or tails of it…my other language studies have been in French, Italian and Spanish (very simple understanding in these languages, no fluency or even great skill). But the sounds of Portuguese baffled me completely, to my ear it sounded more like Russian than any other language I had studied…I was really boggled. I am working on your free kickstart program and also bought the introduction offer. It’s my first time trying online tutoring. I’m SO glad I did. I am already picking out words now on Antenna 2, words I couldn’t “hear” before because I was so lacking in an understanding of pronunciation. Now I already have more confidence, and am feeling the delight of picking up on things, where accents fall, which aids in pronunciation, finding patterns. Really getting into the learning!
I don’t know that I can ever become fluent, but I am eager to continue practicing and hope when we come to Portugal next year for an extended stay that we can find a language course to take during our time there. If we are lucky to stay even longer in Portugal, we will keep up with our studies and who knows… So that is my “very long” story about how Mia’s course has changed my approach and abilities with learning Portuguese (a language where the pronunciation made my courage flag!!). Simply listening to a native speaker clearly explain simple details has opened up my understanding and ability to start piecing together things. Now I can deduce where the accent should fall, whether the letter at the end should be silent or have a “sh” sound. These are small changes, but I feel like it opens up my confidence. Mainly because something I found totally confusing (why does the s sound like Sh or how come some t’s sound like “ch” as in cheese?) is now being decoded. A good teacher is really something special!!!  I will be continuing with my studies with Mia’s further lessons. I’m very glad to have stumbled upon your site and can’t wait for my husband to get to try the courses as well. Obrigada!
Jamie D.
Mateus F.

I am a first generation Portuguese-American. I grew up speaking Portuguese and studied it for some years in high school. As the older generations of my family died off and/or spoke more English I forgot a lot of the Portuguese language I once knew from my younger days.  Mia’s courses were an amazing resource for reconnecting with the knowledge I had lost as well as learning entirely new grammar skills.  I’m so satisfied with these courses and excited for the day the C course is ready for studying. Mia is an extremely credible teacher and her warm and inviting personality makes learning very fun. If you are looking to learn the real Portuguese language then Mia is absolutely the person you should study with. The amount of access to the lectures and free materials makes this a great value for money. Thank you Mia!

Mateus F.
Michael P

Genuine expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mia’s knowledge of Portugal and the Portuguese language. I completed Mia’s A1 course and currently enrolled in A2. I also attend individual tutoring sessions with Mia via Skype. The sessions prepared me for my last trip to Portugal, helping to improve my pronunciation, sentence structure, and knowledge about Portuguese culture. Her courses deliver in a clear, concise, friendly manner and spotlight the language and grammar skills used today in Portugal. ”No matter how well my daily Portuguese studies are going—some great, some not so great–Mia always makes sure I leave with a smile and encouragement.” If you want to become fluent in Portuguese or learn some language survival skills before a trip to Portugal, Mia’s “Learn European Portuguese Online Course,” and individual Skype lessons earn my highest recommendation.

Michael P.
Chris L.

My name is Chris Lawrance. I live in Johannesburg and I enrolled in Mia’s A1 and A2 courses last year as I need to pass the A2 Portuguese exam for the Portugal Golden Visa programme. There are a number of Brazilian Portuguese courses out there but very few European Portuguese courses and I have found Mia’s lectures to be excellent and inexpensive. What’s more, one can post messages or email Mia with queries and she responds quickly and in detail. Mia’s command of English helps a great deal in explaining some of the more difficult aspects of Portuguese. In summary, I can highly recommend her courses.

Chris L.
Jeppe H.

Coming to Portugal ever so often I decided to follow Mia’s courses some years ago. I went through A1, A2 and B1 with Mia and am now digging into her B2-lessons. I enjoy Mia’s “show” and her careful intention of not being careful. As and old film-maker I appreciate the idea of no-cutting which adds to the comfy feeling of being in her kitchen during classes. Like-wise the Nala-dog’s joining the party every now and then adds to the relaxed atmosphere. So full marks to Mia from the professor of films and student of the fantastic portuguese language.

Jeppe H.
Fatima C.

Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Fatima and I reside in Cape Town.  I am currently attending Portuguese classes in the evenings. I have enrolled in your A2 and B1 courses, so I shall earnestly start next year when I am done with the beginners level. Thus far I have listened to two of your lessons, I absolutely love your way of teaching,  Portuguese is quite a challenging language, but you teach it with ease. Thank you for your hard work in creating a wonderful platform for those that wish to become fluent in the Portuguese language.

Fatima C.

Mia is not only an incredibly talented teacher with a vast knowledge of the Portuguese language but also a wonderful person who shows character. While she can make even the most boring grammar exercises fun with her light-hearted nature, she does not shy away from speaking her mind on more serious topics to encourage discussion. She is very passionate about what she does, takes me serious as a person and is always interested in what I have to say – even if I am struggling for words.

Sven K.
Ilenia H.

Learning a new language is always a challenge no matter how many other languages you might already speak. It will always require a lot of work. Fortunately, Mia’s course has made it easier to understand many basic rules and structure in a very pleasant and fun way. The lectures are simple and to the point. And Mia makes it possible for the students to understand even if English is not your native language. The course has helped me to take my first steps in this beautiful adventure, in learning Portuguese, and it has motivated me to learn more! I’m looking forward to new lectures from Mia! Muito obrigada, Mia!

Ilénia H.
Bart G

Students of European Portuguese have many choices in how to learn. Mia’s lessons stand apart from the others; she combines a video classroom setting with lifetime access and Q&A by e-mail. She also has a sincere wish for her students to learn. I highly recommend her.

Bart G.

Over the years I have bought many Portuguese language books and a few self- study courses and I haven’t enjoyed any of them. I decided to take the plunge and purchased all three of your courses as a package , and was a bit sceptical, however, I have really found the first three classes to be very useful and enjoyable. It has simply put into perspective some of the difficulties I have previously had trying to understand when to use certain words and verbs, and your reasoning as we go along is very useful and helpful. I live with my Portuguese family here in the Azores Islands, the dialect is very strong and it’s very difficult for foreigners to understand the finer points of the language – already you have clarified several aspects of the language for me that I never understood, and I optimistically look forward to the rest of the course. As someone who has lectured at Universities across Europe, I can be a bit critical. It’s very difficult to present classes and engage students from different backgrounds with a difficult subject matter meeting a variety of needs, and I think you have achieved that very well and professionally in a very personal and relaxed manner. Your course is ‘excellent value’ for money and I really recommend it to those serious about learning Portuguese to a good level of fluency. So thank you so much, and keep up the good work.

Dr. Patrick T.