Portuguese Months Of The Year

Portuguese Months Of The Year

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about the Portuguese months of the year. Do you want to know how to say in which month you were born in Portuguese? Have you ever heard any of the months pronunced in Portuguese? Well, search no more. Here they come including audio:

Janeiro – January 


Fevereiro – February 


Março – March 


Abril – April 


Maio – May 


Junho June 


Julho – July 


Agosto – August 


Setembro – September 


Outubro – October 


Novembro – November 


Dezembro – December 


Portuguese Words that you can use when speaking about the Months of the Year.

In order to know how to refer to the months, there are also some other words you should be aware of. Let us take a look:

Mês – Month

Meses – Months

Ano – Year

Semana – Week

Dias – Days 

Dias da Semana – Days of the Week

Fim-de-semana – Weekend


The seasons in Portuguese

A Primavera – Spring

O Verão – Summer

O Outono – Autumn

O Inverno – Winter

How to say the month of your birthday in Portuguese

O meu aniversário é no dia 3 de Abril.

(Eu) faço anos em Janeiro.

(Eu) nasci em Setembro.


(Eu) nasci na Primavera.

(Eu) nasci no Verão.

O meu aniversário é no Outono.

(Eu) faço anos no Inverno.

Do you see a difference? While if you say the months, you only use the preposition em without the article, when you say the seasons, you have to add the article to the preposition, ending with na or no. This happens because months do not take any article, so you do not say “O Abril”, nor “A Abril”, the same way you do not say “O Janeiro” or “A Janeiro”, etc. Months do not take articles. On the other hand, seasons do. As you saw above, Primavera is feminine and the other three seasons are masculine. Therefore, you have to say “na Primavera” and “no Inverno, no Outono, no Verão”. Here is a summary of how to do it:

  • em + o = no;
  • em + a = na.

You get the preposition “in” – em – and you add the article, creating the variation no for masculine and na for feminine. And that’s it!

If you want to know more about the articles and its use in Portuguese, click here.

Now it’s your turn! In which month or season do you have a birthday? =) Leave the answer in the comments below.


Exercises – Portuguese Months of the Year

Exercise one: Fill in the blanks with the months that fit.

1)____________________ é o primeiro mês do ano.

____________________ is the first month of the year.


2)____________________ é o único mês que começa com um ‘s’.

____________________ is the only month starting with an ‘s’.


3) ____________________ é o ultimo mês do ano.

____________________ is the last month of the year.


4)____________________ é o único mês que começa com um ‘o’.

____________________ is the only month starting with an ‘o’.


5)____________________ tem só 28 dias.

____________________ has only 28 days.


6)____________________ é o único mês que começa com um ‘n’.

____________________ is the only month starting with an ‘n’.


7)____________________ é o terçeiro mês do ano.

____________________ is the third month of the year.


8) ____________________ tem quatro letras e começa com um ‘a’.

____________________ has four letters and starts with an ‘a’.


Exercise 2: Listen to the months and write the names down next to each audio note:



Find the solutions to these exercises here.


I hope you liked this article. Were you able to say in which month you were born in Portuguese? =) Please let me know if you managed to do all the exercises or if you had problems with any of them. I will gladly answer all the questions you might have.

Have fun and enjoy your journey through Portuguese!



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4 thoughts on “Portuguese Months Of The Year

  1. Exercise 1, #8: There are no months that start with “A” and have 4 letters…Abril has 5 letters and Agosto has 6 letters.

    1. You are right! It was a typo, I will have to change it. Thank you very much for letting me know! Beijinhos, Mia.

  2. Great exercises to work on learning the months of the year in Portuguese. I loved trying to learn how to say my birthday and found it interesting how the months do not take an article but the seasons do.
    Could you elaborate more on why this is?

    Thank you for some great practice!

    1. Hi Jennie!

      Thank you for your comment. In fact, it is quite interesting that some words take articles and some do not in Portuguese. Most do, however. But that is not the case of the months. The reason why this happens with the months is a bit unknown to me, we would have to go deep into the history and syntax of the language. 

      I hope that you continue to come visit my website =) I will definitely be posting more things about this beautiful language and I will maybe try to answer syntactic questions like this is the future 😉 I have to dig deeper into the language.

      See you soon,


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