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Portuguese YouTubers: Learn European Portuguese Naturally

Olá! Some of my followers and students sometimes ask me about Portuguese YouTubers / YouTubers Portugueses (PT) (besides those that talk about the language) out there.

So, I decided to make this video where I’m going to talk about some Portuguese YouTube channels that deal with history, comedy, beauty, lifestyle, and Portuguese music, among many other topics. Shall we begin?

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YouTube Channels About Portugal’s History

As History is always an interesting topic, let’s start there:

If you are a fan of history and want to know more about the history of Portugal, the channel História de Portugal JHS is the place for you.

In this channel, you will find videos about various historical events in Portugal, from the Middle Ages to the Carnation Revolution.

The channel’s videos are presented by José Hermano Saraiva, who was an experienced historian and passionate about the history of Portugal.

You will love learning about the rich history of our country through his videos.

Portuguese YouTubers – Information & Culture

Moving on to channels of information and culture, in general, I also have a suggestion:

Porto Editora is a very famous Portuguese publisher, and I found out that they have a YouTube channel that deals with various subjects. They talk, for example, about the books they publish and have interviews with authors, and also webinars on various topics.

Portuguese YouTubers – Comedy

Now let’s change the subject and talk about comedy.

If you need to have a good laugh, I recommend the Bumba na Fofinha channel. The videos on this channel feature high-quality comedy with comedian Mariana Cabral, better known as Bumba, as the star. She is an incredible comedian and has a great talent for making people laugh. Her videos are very popular in Portugal, and you will surely have great fun with them.

Another comedian that I really like and who has a YouTube channel is Pierre Zago. He is known for his comedy videos that address everyday situations. His humor is intelligent and funny, and his videos are very popular in Portugal. I think if you like slightly silly humor, you will like this channel.

Portuguese YouTube Channels – Gaming

Now let’s move on to the category of gamer videos.

If you are a fan of games, you have to go check out Ric Fazeres. He is one of the biggest game YouTubers in Portugal and has a large community of followers. His videos are very fun and informative, and he covers a wide variety of games.

Another gamer YouTuber that you have to follow if you like online games, is Feromonas. He is known for his Minecraft videos but also plays other popular games. While he plays, he comments on what he is doing, sometimes in a funny way. This channel may be a bit more difficult if your Portuguese is still at a more basic level because he speaks a bit fast. Even so, if the topic interests you, go check it out and see what you think.

Portuguese YouTube Channels – Radio & TV

Now let’s talk about channels that have content related to radio and TV.

If you want to listen to music, news, and other popular programs in Portugal, I recommend that you go check out the channel Rádio Comercial. They are one of the largest radio stations in Portugal and have a wide variety of programs to choose from.

If you want to watch popular television programs in Portugal, on the other hand, you should go see the RTP channel. They are the main television broadcaster in Portugal and have a wide variety of programs, from news to entertainment programs.

Portuguese YouTubers – Beauty & Lifestyle

Moving on to the Beauty & Lifestyle category, we have two very popular channels in Portugal: Inês Rochinha and Sofia Bbeauty.

Inês Rochinha is a digital influencer who shares beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips and tricks with her audience. Her channel features a wide variety of content, from makeup tutorials to travel vlogs.

Similarly, Sofia Barbosa (whose channel used to be called Sofia Bbeauty) also focuses on beauty and fashion but also includes videos on travel, home decor, and general lifestyle topics.

Portuguese YouTube Channels For Children

Next, we have channels dedicated to children, which are ZigZag and Canal Panda Portugal.

ZigZag is a channel created by RTP, which aims to educate and entertain children. On the channel, we can find a variety of content, such as cartoons, children’s series, documentaries, and educational programs.

Canal Panda Portugal, on the other hand, is a children’s television channel that has a YouTube channel where it also provides various children’s programs. The channel is very popular among children in Portugal and features beloved characters like Ruca, Hello Kitty, Masha, and Bear, among others.

And if you like Portuguese children songs, you can also watch some of my other content. Here I am singing, for example, “Joana come papa”, a famous Portuguese song for children.

Even if you are no child, you can go and watch it, because it will help you with your Portuguese.

YouTube Channels For Portuguese Music

Lastly, if you like music, we have Espacial Música, which is a channel dedicated to Portuguese popular music. On the channel, we can find the latest news from the music world in Portugal, with music videos, interviews, and reports about Portuguese artists. For lovers of Portuguese music, this is the ideal channel.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for Portuguese YouTubers. They can help you improve your Portuguese in a natural way. 

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That’s all for now! See you in the next video!


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