Peter W

Peter W.

Thank you for providing Kickstart Your Portuguese – The Basics, and also the European Portuguese Crash Course. I’m nearly halfway through the latter. They have helped me to understand the basics of how the language works, and to start to make sense of the sound of Portuguese. Until now, whenever I heard spoken Portuguese, it sounded very strange. In particular, the SH and J sounded East European rather than Mediterranean to my ears. And, what I think is the R sound, reminded me of a Dutch “g” or “ch”. I am certainly one of your older students. My daughter has settled in Estoril, and she had a daughter – my first grandchild – just before Christmas. Unfortunately, because of the present travel restrictions, I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet my granddaughter. (The UK’s sad departure from the EU makes me feel even further from my daughter and her family at this time.) I suppose it gives me some more time to learn Portuguese before I am able to visit. You are right about the importance of learning the sounds used in a language. Many thanks!