Paul B

Paul B.

What I like about the course is that I can review and go over the video as I choose. Even in the Kickstarter course there is a lot to try an understand and it is very daunting. I do believe that I will have to go over the course a few times to really make it stick.
I am a little older then most so trying to remember the words can be challenging. One of your tips is a definite must for me and that is word association with a story, believe me, I have many weird stories associated with words in my mind (a snail leaning against a lamp post – thats “lento” for “slow”). In the same vain I find that picture association helps and physical interaction, so I am also using the apps ‘Drops’ and ‘Memrise’. So for me personally, I do need a variety of learning tools to keep my interest as just watching a video doesn’t keep me focused. I do however appreciate that your videos are a must to get the foundations understood and no doubt the cement to hold it all together as I learn more.