Testimonials - Nigel


Olá Mia,

I’m just writing to say thank you for the new Story Time program.

This is the first of your programs that I have joined, after seeing it on your Instagram.
I have enjoyed the story of “os quatro amigos”, and am committing to the rest of the course, and look forward to story developing!
I am happy that you only release one story per week. As a self learner, I find that I have little discipline to stay on a section, and not move on too quickly. The inability to move on, means that I actually get to benefit from the repetition, which, to be honest, can feel quite ‘boring’, but having stuck with the story and listened to both parts A and B many times, and really focused on the words (and pronunciation) I can now understand how much benefit the repetition has. Usually I would have moved on thinking that I had ‘learned’ it, when actually I haven’t learned it properly. So this is definitely a good technique.
I have been self learning and also having weekly lessons through Preply for about 7 months now. I think I’m an A2, hopefully approaching B1 soon. It’s clear that my reading is much better than my listening and speaking (and I don’t get much chance to speak Portuguese), so this program really appealed to me, and it feels that it’s at just the right level – I could understand enough, but also had to look things up and check on some grammar – so it’s accessible but also pushing me. Hopefully this course will help me build confidence in my speaking, as it’s clear that I know the words, but haven’t developed the pathways in my brain to have the confidence to speak, and also still struggle with natural speed listening.
Fingers crossed!
Thanks for your interest and commitment. So no real questions, I just wanted you to know that it’s going well so far, and that I feel that it will be great value for money to keep following the program.
Muito obrigado,