Bret B

Bret B.

Olá Mia,
I was impressed with your course “Kickstart Your Portuguese – The Basics” enough so that I purchased your Master Course – A1 level. First let me explain the difficulties I’ve had learning European Portuguese:
I did a scouting expedition to Portugal in 2019 to decide if I wanted to move there as a retiree. In preparation, I studied Portuguese using Duolingo which was a mistake since it is Brazilian Portuguese. I then did some online research and found several sources that had good recommendations: Drops, Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, and your course. An online course isn’t feasible since my home is 7 hours behind Lisbon. Drops was just flashcards and both Pimsleur and Thomas were both oral and I’m a visual person (telling me that maça is apple and maca is stretcher doesn’t help me learn to spell the words). Your Kickstarter Course shows the words that you are saying and provides an end of lesson quiz which is what works best for me. An added bonus is that if I have questions on Portuguese, then I can email you for an answer. One thing I loved about the Kickstarter program is that your lectures are broken into 15 to 30 minute courses which is easier for me to consume than one two hour course.