Antonio B

Antonio B.

I enrolled in the A1+A2 bundle in October 2019 and I am truly enjoying the lessons.  I have been trying to learn European Portuguese since 2012. I went for basic classes, have a collection of books/pdfs, online materials, etc. However, I was still stuck forever at the basic level. Since I dont have anyone to converse in Portuguese, I tend to forget what I absorbed as I get busy with work/family and then need to revise my stuff again. Mia has structured the lessons well and its fun learning along with her. If I have any doubts, I send her an email and she replies with the explanations. Excited to complete both levels soon and then move to the B1 and B2 level. Coming across this website was a blessing. Mia’s teaching approach is different and I hope this time I will reach a level of fluency where I can speak freely in Portuguese.
Thanks for the great job you are doing. God bless you always!