My beautiful city, Porto.

Some say you cannot really describe it, you can just feel it. And I agree. But since you are maybe far, and you still haven’t gotten the chance to come to Porto, I will try it anyways.

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal and that means it has a fairly big size. However, that’s not what makes this city great. What makes it great is its little peculiarities. Sure, Lisbon is also big and beautiful (more on that later), but Porto is romantic, with its bridges, its colourful houses along “Ribeira” (the river side) and its Port wine boats full of whispers from the past. Porto is a city where you can really feel the past, but where you now start seeing the future too, with its trendy cafés, its cozy hostels and the amount of tourists that arrive to this beautiful city every day.

Then there is the food. You can taste some of the best dishes.

Today, I am going to speak about the most typical Porto dish – “Francesinha“. This dish, which can literally be translated as “little French girl/woman”, could be considered as nothing special, were it not for its interesting mix of totally dull with totally cool ingredients. At a first glance, you can think it is just two slices of bread with meat, ham and sausage in the middle. However, “the cherry on top of the cake”, or should I say “the cheese on top of the sandwich” is exactly that.. there is a slice of cheese that melts on Francesinha no Portotop of this peculiar piece of bread and an egg (you can opt out of the egg if you don’t fancy it), and last but in no way least, the secret ingredient : the sauce. This sauce is amazing and makes you want to “eat it and cry for more” (Portuguese expression literally translated – “comer e chorar por mais”). Some say the secret of this sauce can never be revealed, but I can tell you one thing…it has beer on it! So if you want to try a very sophisticated and amazing sandwich, come to Porto and try it out.

Ok, folks.

That’s all for today. But stay tuned…cause I am not finished speaking about my lovely nest, a.k.a., Porto. And there is just so much more….


Beijinhos e abraços (Please use google translate for this, it is your first task)..