The book I am going to talk today is the following:

Uma família ingleza (Portuguese Edition)


#Dinis, Júlio – “Uma Família Inglesa” Uma Família Inglesa

This book is super good for Intermediate level students, who want to sharpen their Portuguese up! It uses relatively simple language (being the most difficult part the beginning, with all its descriptions) and it is one of the Classics of Portuguese literature. We have many of them, which I might be talking later about, but I chose this one for a special reason.

This book tells the story of a family in such a bright and nice way, that your days will lighten up. So, not only will you be improving your Portuguese, but you will also be improving your mood.

Júlio Dinis is also an author that impresses me by his life story. He died really young, in his thirties, a victim of Tuberculosis, which was really a big problem here in Portugal in the 19th century, up until the beginning of the 20th century. However, instead of putting his head down and giving up on himself and life and despite his disease making him having to stop writing for some periods of time, he found his refuge and strength in telling super cheerful, full of life stories, which in no way reflected the way he probably was feeling at the time of writing them. I find this remarkable.

Now that I gave you a little bit of the taste of what I think about this book and this amazing author, please dive into it.

Here are some tips on how to read this in an easier way:

 Beginner (A1 – A2)  try to read as little as a page a day. When you improve your language skills, you can also increase the rate at which you read it. Try to make summaries (at least in your head) about the page or paragraph you just read and keep it there. Use the dictionary for hard words or expressions you don’t know.

Intermediate (B1 – B2) – Now that you are in a more advanced level, you can try to read a chapter a week. Still use the dictionary and try to make a summary every week of the chapter you read. That is a really good exercise.

Advanced (C1 – C2) – Now you are a PRO. Just read as many pages/chapters as you want and can read, so you keep expanding your vocabulary and reading skills.

>>Get your book now and have fun!<<